Bare Baking

Now don’t get too excited… when I say bare baking I’m not referring to a lack of clothing but rather a lack of food… that was the predicament my cupboards were in this time last week… It had been two weeks since we had done any grocery shopping and we were basically living of frozen vegies and the odd egg on toast… until the toast ran out… and the eggs… anyway the point is I was a hankerin for some bakerin and was incredibly disappointed when I popped open the cupboards and they were BARE…

So I improvised! Exciting yes? There was a teensy tiny little bit of flour so I threw in a little butter, sugar and cinnamon and managed to come up with a half decent dough that made me three little shells.. I then took a massive amount of sugary loveliness and melted it down in a fry pan… I haven’t made caramel in a while and after a failed attempt managed to get the temperature right to add some butter and nuts for a very crunchy praline.. add a little melted chocolate (yes I sacrificed my last few pieces) mixed with some butter and you have a delightful little mouthful of deliciousness.. Admittedly the recipe needs a little tweeking but not bad for nothing…

Needless to say it was a lovely little late night treat… plus maybe I’m biased but I think they’re cute!

Happy Baking!

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