My dream… God willing…

Ministry and Cooking are my two greatest passions…. you may have read the about section of this blog and understand that I’m attempting to merge the two… It has been a dream of mine for some time now to make a Ministry out of Cooking and I wanted to share this dream with you… I was stumbling around some wordpress blogs the other day and found a post that is a good example of what I wanna do in the future… at some point in my life… if it’s in Gods plan.. I’d love to open a Church Cafe… It’s an interesting concept… The cafe wouldn’t actually be a church but would operate out of a church building.. or vice versa.. basically a cafe in a high traffic area that closes on Sabbaths for Church, has community programs during the week and evenings and is a place for Bible studies and small groups to operate… all the while still running as a secular cafe during the day… a cafe where mums come after dropping the kids of at school… business men and women come to grab a foccacia for lunch… grandmas and grandpas come in the afternoons for a cup of tea… and kids come after school for milk shakes.. a cafe that is a community as well… that builds a relationship with the customers and provides services and programs at the cafe to meet their needs… a place where people feel comfortable to come to their local cafe for church.. obviously it’s a work in progress.. but this is my dream!

Would you come to my cafe?

4 thoughts on “My dream… God willing…

  1. I would love to come to your cafe! What a fantastic dream and idea. I know that one day with your awesome skills, prayer and help form the big guy upstairs, that one day it will fall into place and you will have your own church cafe where you can do the two things that you love doing the most, ministering to people and making and enjoying food.

  2. im in my junior year of high school and all my years of growing up i always wanted to be a baking. And be like the people on the cooking show. but since im in a puppet ministry and love spreading the love of our father (Lord), i want to keep spreading it when im done with the puppets.. soo i was wondering when i was done with high school if i can do a baking ministry.. bake things that everybody loves while telling them about my father.

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