Something for the afternoon… Banana Cake

I’ve had a rather eventful last couple of weeks… with exams, graduation, packing up our tiny little house… lots of emails, phone calls and general tying up of loose ends… and its during those hectic moments that sitting down for a cuppa and a piece of cake are absolutely vital to your general sanity… and this cake is just the thing for those stressful times!

Not only is this cake low in sugar but it has no dairy products… unlike other rich and creamy cakes this is light and fluffy and leaves you feeling almost… refreshed…

When my parents came up to visit a little while ago my mum brought a new vegan cookbook that has recently been released called Simple, Tasty, Good…. this recipe is an adaptation from the apple cake in the book… unfortunately I can’t give you my adaptation because the recipe is packed deep in a box somewhere… Isn’t that always the case? Packing is the pits… who thought our whole life could fit into one little shed… stay tuned for some amidst packing crazily baking Christmas themed treats!