Have I mentioned that I have the most fabulous husband? Well he is especially fabulous at this very moment because I am about to tell you about two cookbooks  (courtesy of aforementioned husband) that can make even the most macho of men giggle and squeal with delight at their cuteness factor (though completely unrelated to aforementioned husband)…

Of course… if you’ve been to my house you will know… they are called “Hello Cupcake” and “What’s New Cupcake?” and as the titles so aptly suggest they are filled with a bevy of baked beauties that will inspire even the drabbest domestic delinquent… My husband also has a slightly less fabulous but nice enough brother who was also inspired by flipping through their pages that we decided that we must flaunt our culinary capabilities at the next Church Luncheon… Brendan picked the “Monarch” Butterflies (but i should quickly add that due to the lack of orange candy melts our monarch butterflies became Ulysses butterflies… i thing learnt today!) and thus these little delights were born…

after a few little hiccups using the newly acquired and never before used candy melts we found that a steady and patient hand was the trick… a little tapping them flat didn’t go astray and that a metal skewer is your best friend with these cupcakes… they are super simple… chocolate cake mix baked into pretty gold patty pans… pre-made vanilla frosty mixed with a little green food colouring… milk chocolate in a piping bag… blue candy melts in a piping bag (I found some at house but they are extremely rare… next time I’m gonna just tint white chocolate)…. make a nice thick layer of the milk chocolate so you have plenty to draw in using the skewer…. don’t forget the little white non-pareils that just seemed to add a little something… unfortunately I can’t take credit for their assembly because I was quite ill the next morning (not from eating to much icing or anything)… so they are Brendans dainty work! Photos are also courtesy of Brendan! Isn’t he nice?



Happy Baking!

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