One week in the middle of nowhere…

Take 40 people, 2 buses, a dusty outback town, a single shower, and a mesh of ideas and personalities, get them to eat together, sleep together and share each others lives for 7 days while they minister to a restless group of kids and teenagers and you create a life changing experience… looking over my dashboard I’ve realised it’s been an awful long time since I’ve blogged… and I am a bad blogger but the situation will be rectified once I can get over the fact that I do not have to work constantly and that yes I can take time to do things I enjoy and not feel guilty because I am not useful to God or Church if I am totally burnt out… hence as of today blogging MUST become a task on my to-do list and as a result, baking also… good.. settled…

So, to my week in the middle of nowhere… Now I’m not the most super energetic outgoing and ferociously social of gals but my week at StormCo in Nyngan forced me to step far outside the bounds of what I find comfortable and add a couple of kms and then maybe just maybe you’ll understand how far out of my comfort zone it was… but outside the comfort zone lies character development and a sense of accomplishment and lifetime memories that will change you from the inside out… My week in Nyngan serving the kids through a kids club, through deep and meaningfuls, through games and laughter and general hanging out did more for me than them… selfish I know but it was an unavoidable by-product of service to others… we all come back different people… so to the baking… luckily there was a way that I could contribute to StormCo that was completely within my comfort boundaries and that was through… baking… YES! I was very delighted to learn that before every StormCo trip there is a fundraiser and this so happened to be a cake auction… recently I’d purchased some cupcake books, you may have heard of them “Hello Cupcake” and “What’s New Cupcake?” I think I talked about them in a recent blog… well maybe not so recent considering my slackness.. anyway they have a super fun and intriguing subway sandwhich cupcake that I just couldn’t pass…

Super easy and super impressive, most of the ingredients are starburst lollies rolled out with a rolling pin and cut into various shapes imitating the ingredients of a subway sandwhich… the lettuce was most impressing to me… some thin green icing tossed through a bowl of cornflakes stuck in the freezer for a few minutes and voila! lettuce! add half a hotdog roll brushed with sugar syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds and you have yourself a not so healthy (but oh so eye candy) cupcake delight!

I am indebted to my new friend Johnno for these fantastic shots that were far better than anything that I could muster or edit… check out his blog here!

I hope I inspired to not only bake but serve!

One thought on “One week in the middle of nowhere…

  1. Your blog bought back a lot of memories. On my own fabulous times as a Stormco-er (and leader) back when it all began.

    Oh and as winning bidder on the subway cupcakes….delicious!!

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