A mushroom in the mail…

Not too many people would be too excited to receive a mushroom in the mail… Last Wednesday (yes it would have been last Wednesday if I hadn’t been so slack but unfortunately it was months ago now…) I was sitting innocently enough at my computer doing some work when I hear a knock at the door… Now that’s not at all unusual because we often get deliveries of different sorts for other members of the household… So when the DHL man handed me a large box with Mrs Lyndelle Peterson on the front I got quite excited! Tearing the packaging to pieces I found a bottle of oil… hmmm, how unusual, who would send me a bottle of oil? Turning it over I quickly realised that this wasn’t any type of oil… this was truffle oil… I started salivating instantly… Curious to find out where this little bundle had come from I peeled of the invoice and took a look… much to the terror of my husband who quickly tried to pull me away… but alas it was too late! I had already read the rest of the invoice… “1st Grade Truffle to follow”… I then continued to throw my hands up in the air in sheer joy smacking my husband square across the face… After seeing to his wounds I then continued to do a little victory dance around the kitchen… A TRUFFLE! I later learnt the truth… my ever so generous brother law (cudos to Brendan Peterson) who had just been for a visit had ordered the truffle in the hope that we would be able to taste it’s culinary delights together but unfortunately it arrived 2 days after he had already returned to Adelaide… bummer… but I didn’t stay sad for long you see I had a very expensive fungi to prep and cook and I new just the recipe…

Black Truffle Agnalotti with A Mushroom Broth by Jaques Reymond

So this was going to be THE truffle dish… if everyone remembers when Borders had their big closing down sales it was probably the time when we all could actually afford the books that they sold… I managed to flog of $200 worth of books for about $50 and amongst them was the coveted Cuisine de Temps by Jacque Reymond, a book I’d been drooling over for many an hour sitting in the Borders Gloria Jeans and now I owned it and also had a reason to cook form it’s exorbitant recipes…

This recipe is actually surprisingly simply and if you feel like indulging I encourage you to splurge on a truffle just to experience the taste… A few days after the oil had arrived a man in a TNT refrigerated truck pulled up with what looked like an organ donor container.. I gladly signed for it and pulled apart the mini eski to reveal not one but TWO delightful little black rocks… the smell was intoxicating and it instantly filled the house… after oohing an aaahing for a few minutes I forced myself to put them aside and focus on work… but eventually the day came when I had some time to cook them up! Basically the recipe involves roasting some potatoes, pushing them through a fine seize and adding onion sauted in cream, some hazelnut oil, some olive oil and half of one back truffle diced… throw in a bit of parsley, salt and pepper and you have a heady little filling for a bit of agnolotti…

BUT even better than the pasta would perhaps be the simplest truffle dish of all! See truffles are so pungent that they permeate absolutely everything they come in contact with (you should smell Paul’s fridge…) which is a very good thing because it means you can get maximum truffle flavour from very little effort! So before our truffle was all used up I put it into the egg carton… yes… the egg carton, along with about 4 eggs.. left it over night, cooked them up in the morning and had some delightful truffled eggs.

The verdict? That’s one tick of the bucket list… I suggest you add cooking with truffle to yours…


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