Brussel Sprout Pasta…

Just a little something I made for dinner this evening..: it’s the Queens birthday this weekend so the in laws have come to visit… I recently bought some brussel sprouts from the local green grocer and was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to cook them up because they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea…

However, travelling home from a particularly wet jaunt in the city this arvo I was delighted to learn that the father in law shares my adoration of the humble brussel so it was decided, much to my own delight to try out a brusselly pasta dish… This one came from a little inspiration and the top of my head…

Sauté your brussels in a little oil until they turn that beautiful bright greens colour… Crush in a couple of cloves of garlic and keep at a low heat until the sprouts are tender and delicious… Toss in some cooked fettucini, don’t drain it too much or it will end up a little dry..

Then toss through with a generous helping of pure cream, a handful of toasted almonds and a good, decent, plentiful grating of Parmesan…

Nutritional note: brussel sprouts are a super cheap, winter vege that has 102% of your daily in take of vitamin c per 100g.. Great for keeping the winter colds at bay!

One thought on “Brussel Sprout Pasta…

  1. Thanks for this recipe, Lyndelle! It came just in time as I had a bag of brussel sprouts in the fridge, and was able to put them to good use! However, I adapted the recipe to a vegan version, using soy milk and savoury yeast flakes ( thickened with a little flour) instead of cream and cheese, served on a bed of creamy kumara mash. I had the family licking their lips and everyone had seconds, even my vegetable-challenged son!! You’re a champion!

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