Chocolate Fudge Cake

This past weekend was one of those weekends that are just a little bit too crazy. Adrian was organising a Regional Youth Rally at Church and with a friday night program the evening before we didn’t end up getting into bed until 2am Saturday morning. The rally was fantastic but needless to say I wasn’t surprised to find Adrian dead to the world when I called him to lunch at about 2pm that afternoon!


It’s weekends like these that require some very necessary self medication in the form of sugar and chocolate. What better way to give a much needed boost to my worn out Pastor husband than a delicious fudgey chocolate cake and this fudgey chocolate cake is unapolagetically opulent. Its a very simple recipe and within the hour our serotonin levels had peaked with the sugary goodness. What better way to relax on a Sabbath afternoon then with a steaming hot cuppa and deliciously decadent choccy cake.

The best part is enjoying the leftovers now with a nice little cup of tea.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
(adapted from Women’s Weekly Classic Cakes)

250g Dark Chocolate
125g Butter
150g Caster Sugar
100g Plain Flour
2/3 tsp baking powder
4 eggs, lightly beaten

1. Preheat oven to 180 and line a lamington tin (20x30cm) with baking paper.
2. Melt butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water.
3. Combine chocolate mixture in remaining ingredients in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on medium until smooth and changed colour.
4. Bake for 20 minutes and allow to stand for 5.

Just what you need on a cool winters arvo…

Peachy Keen…

I absolutely adore stone fruits… but I find it extremely difficult to cook with them… not that there is anything particular difficult or challenging about cooking with a stone fruit… I just get very sad at seeing them baked away to a miserable, sticky slop like peach cobbler or crumble or something else that involves these beautifully sweet, rotund and slightly furry gems being “wasted” in a stinkin hot oven that leaves them a slightly bitter and slushy, peach reminiscent mush… sound overly dramatic.. well I am overtly serious!

My stone fruit philosophy is that a knife a plate and a room temperature yet slightly firm fruit is all that is necessary to truly enjoy this God given delicacy… yet at this time of year they are so incredible cheap that I overpurchased… ie. my eyes were bigger than my belly… and I found that some of my precious little darlings were becoming drab balls of mush… I had no choice… they had to be baked… luckily Donna Hay had the answer… Peachy Lemony Cake… sounds terrible dull and boring doesn’t it?

Well, let me tell you a thing or two.. this cake is anything but dull and boring… try light, sweet, tangy, fluffy, moist, drool-worthy… all these adjectives combined and topped with glimmers of oven dried peach…. aaahhhh gently warmed to the point of concentrated perfection… and the lemon adds an extra depth that encourages every bite… I was flawed to say the least… and it came at a welcome time! Unfortunately, shifting house and starting a new job leave little time for baking…but a passion cannot remain dormant long…

The best part? It’s an absolute breeze to make.. throw it all in the KitchenAid then just an hour in the oven while you take a much deserved bubble path… simple… but then I believe that it’s the simple things in life that a truly the best… the God given things.. like perfectly ripe peaches… a long hot bath.. or a cuddle from a love one… all reminiscent of a God that created all things and wants us to enjoy the life that He has given and the world He created…

Happy Baking

Lemony Peach Cake
Adapted from: Donna Hay’s Seasons Cookbook
Serves: 8

175g butter
1/4 cup castor sugar
finely grated rind of 1 lemon
3 eggs
1 cup plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup natural yoghurt
2 fresh peaches, sliced

1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees. Place butter, sugar and lemon rind into the bowl of an electric mixer and beat for 6-8 minutes (very important to beat for the full time).
2. Gradually add the eggs, beating well after each addition.
3. Add the flour, baking powder and yoghurt, beating until just combined. Spoon into a lined and lightly greased 25cm round cake tin.
4. Top with the peaches and bake for 1hr or until a skewer comes out clean. Dust with icing sugar and leave to cool in tin for 10 mins.

Carrot Cake for the Leftover Frosting…

As I promised, I have a delicious little Carrot Cake recipe that just screams “smother me in cream cheese frosting and call me a heart attack.”

Carroty deliciousness...

I know, I know, carrot’s a vegetable so it’s healthy right? Well, unfortunately, I like my sweets calorie laden and my desserts even more so!

Nametag just in case I forget it has nutritious vegies...

Alas, don’t be deceived by the addition of vegetables… this tasty little morsel is guaranteed to cling to your thighs for its dear life… I just had to be a little fancy and add some chocolate piping on top…

At the sight of all that delicious frosting I can literally hear my thighs scream for mercy...

Happy Baking!

Carrot Cake

Adapted from: The Cake Mistress (check it out)


1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup Vegetable Oil
3 Large Eggs
Pinch Salt
1/2 teaspoon Bicarb Soda
2 cups Self Raising Flour
2 cups finely grated Carrot (around 4 large carrots)
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Nutmeg


  1. Heat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Beat sugar and oil until thick, then add 1 egg at a time and keep beating for a few more minutes.
  3. Add salt, bicarb soda, carrots, flour and spices.
  4. Mix with wooden spoon until all combined.
  5. Put batter in well greased loaf pan or tin and bake for 40-50 minutes, or until light golden and cake springs back when touched in the middle.
  6. Smother with your left over frosting….. droool…