Nothing says Sunday morning in the Pastor Peterson household better than a nice greasy fry up… possibly the only reason to get out of bed on a lazy Sunday morning…

For some reason (lucky me) the men in my life have taken it upon themselves to become artisans of the Sunday brunch.. My father has managed to hone this skill into a well oiled Sunday brunch machine… single handedly (not joking) poaching eggs, brewing coffees, frying spinach, sauteing mushrooms, roasting tomatoes and toasting crusty bread, coordinating each element with the finest precision.. producing quite a tasty bunch of brunch..

But… now that I have my own little house with my own little kitchen… I started to miss my well oiled brunch making machine… Luckily, my daring husband took up the reigns and decided that he would carry on this brunchy tradition…

Just cleaning up the plate there... what a stud.

AND he did this knowing full well he was up against some tough competition! (what can I say, my Dad makes a mean brunch). He has this incredible ability to make these yummy slices of fried potatoes that are so crisp and soft and potatoey and delicious! So I thought I’d share with you a little family tradition that has become my favourite meal of the week… nothing like brunch with the boys you love!

Isn’t food such a fun way to make traditions? Do you have any food traditions? I’d love to hear them!

Happy Brunching!