Silverbeet & Ricotta Ravioli & Rolls

As a kid my mum used to grow enormous amounts of Silverbeet during the winter time… I hated Silverbeet with a passion, it seemed like the colder it got, the wilder it grew and the more we would eat…


As the weather gets cooler so the Silverbeet gets cheaper and I live to eat in season because seasonal eating means cheap eats! So i decided to give Silverbeet a second chance and I’m glad i did! Must be a little older and wiser… I love the way that Silverbeet has a meatier texture than spinach… It carries a bit more bite through the cooking process and bring out a deeper flavour if seasoned well… So I decided to mix it with some ricotta and give it a burl as a ravioli filling…


Take two big bunches of Silverbeet and trim out the white stalky bit… Wash it thoroughly, slice it thinly then toss in a pan with a finely diced onion, 2 cloves of crushed garlic and a good slosh of oil… Season with salt and pepper to taste and a little nutmeg… Silverbeet is cooked when it is wilted but still bright in colour… Drain the excess water, pressing down to ensure the Silverbeet is quite dry…


Stir it through 300g of full milk ricotta… because I saved so much on the Silverbeet I was able to splurge a little on some beautiful ricotta… Give it a taste and season if needed… Be careful not to eat too much… For a quick and easy ravioli I used egg wonton wrappers… Fill them quite full… About 1 heaped tbsp… Then fold diagonally, sealing with a little water , and pull the corners together at the front sealing with a little extra water…


I served it with a bottle sauce cause I was a bit strapped for time but anything rich and tomatoey would be delicious! The verdict… I don’t rate the wonton wrappers.. They went a little thin and sloppy for my liking but good if you’re strapped for time!


The two bunches of Silverbeet make a load of filling for just two serves of ravioli so I added some grated cheddar to the mix and rolled them up in some of that beautiful careme full butter puff pastry… *drool* and I must say they were delicious! We had some for dinner last night and froze the rest… Can’t wait to pop those babies in the oven!


Happy Baking!


Bare Baking

Now don’t get too excited… when I say bare baking I’m not referring to a lack of clothing but rather a lack of food… that was the predicament my cupboards were in this time last week… It had been two weeks since we had done any grocery shopping and we were basically living of frozen vegies and the odd egg on toast… until the toast ran out… and the eggs… anyway the point is I was a hankerin for some bakerin and was incredibly disappointed when I popped open the cupboards and they were BARE…

So I improvised! Exciting yes? There was a teensy tiny little bit of flour so I threw in a little butter, sugar and cinnamon and managed to come up with a half decent dough that made me three little shells.. I then took a massive amount of sugary loveliness and melted it down in a fry pan… I haven’t made caramel in a while and after a failed attempt managed to get the temperature right to add some butter and nuts for a very crunchy praline.. add a little melted chocolate (yes I sacrificed my last few pieces) mixed with some butter and you have a delightful little mouthful of deliciousness.. Admittedly the recipe needs a little tweeking but not bad for nothing…

Needless to say it was a lovely little late night treat… plus maybe I’m biased but I think they’re cute!

Happy Baking!