Flavourfest indeed…

Take one nice sunny Sunday, add a handful of attractive (and well dressed I might add) Victorians and one South Australian and a heavily flavourfilled scent on the air and you have an extremely satisfying day out.

Today I was lucky enough to venture up North to the Hunter Valley Gardens Flavourfest Food Festival and as the name suggests it was incredibly festive and flavour filled. I’d never been to the HVG and was a little disappointed that $23.50 got you little more than a poorly manicured golf course, luckily they redeemed themselves by putting on a fabulous food filled Flavourfest.

Things I Learnt:

– Cheese isn’t actually vegetarian but is made using an ingredient from the inside of a little baby cows belly.
– Janelle Bloom from Ready Steady Cook is shorter in real life.

– Ethical Ethica coffee tastes better than unethical coffee (30% more profits for the PNG coffee bean farmers is always good).

– Some people are bogan enough to smuggle Maccas into a Gourmet Food Festival.
– Mascarpone mixed with gorgonzola is possibly the greatest cheese coagulation that has ever enticed my tastebuds.

– Olive oil can be infused with mandarin and taste quite remarkable.

– Peruvian sweet potato and pumpkin donuts are more delicious than they sound.

– Asking a blessing on your food while strangers are sitting across from you produces surprisingly happy results (thanks R).

Despite the massive hoards of bogans and small children on leashes I thoroughly enjoyed our little outing to the HVG and would suggest that if food tickles your fancy then this is a must for next year! Or possibly the chocolate and coffee festival in August….